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Next Generation Loss Prevention

Business Intelligence at the Point of Sale


Policy based exceptions reporting and real time alerting.


Intergration with existing CCTV systems for exception bases visual evidence.


Simple, powerful video/data analytics for dashboard drill downs & reporting.


Modern and secure cloud platform for low cost, simple deployment.

You need a next generation loss prevention solution

  • Simple but powerful.
  • Easy to deploy using cloud technology.
  • Elegant to¬†use with simple pricing.
  • Return money to your bottom line.
  • Quickly detect and investigate your losses from fraud and noncompliance
  • Resolve training issues
  • Prompt action will save you money immediately

Loss Prevention Simplicity

Discover a fresh way to manage retail loss prevention.

Our solution is comprehensive, scalable and easy-to-manage.

Built from the ground up, on a cloud platform, we provide all the capability you need.

Easy deployment and simple pricing allows you to focus on returning cash to your bottom line.


  • Modern and intuitive web user-interface.
  • Frictionless deployment.
  • Dashboard for instant overview.
  • 60+ prebuilt policies covering all common fraud.
  • A library of standard high quality pdf reports.
  • Real time alerts and scheduled reports.
  • CCTV integration.
  • Drill down reports.
  • Transaction forensics.
  • Line item forensics.


  • Identify employee fraud and collect evidence effortlessly. Sweethearting detection.
  • Resolve training issues and compliance early and easily.
  • Measure operational performance.
  • Easy remote access to monitor on site issues.
  • Actionable visual evidence – CCTV.
  • Achieve rapid ROI, within days or weeks.
  • Return cash to your bottom line