Is your business suffering losses that are entirely avoidable? But you don’t even know about them?

Two of the biggest threats to retail profits today:-

  • Customer Fraud
    Credit cards, false goods returns, etc
  • Non-compliance
    When staff don’t carry out tasks the way they should

The Problem

knowing when and where these losses occur, so you can take action

The Solution

Retail data mining and analysis of your EPoS, security and other systems.

BUT: systems are:-

  • Expensive £££
  • Need costly integration with your systems
  • Demand lots of training

Now there is a better way: Transpeye

  • Powerful results: exception-based data analysis, verified by CCTV video.
  • Very low-cost: only pay to protect a single till, or device, or store
  • Simple to use: user-friendly dashboard. Just 3 clicks to identify a threat
  • Easy, wireless free installation over the internet

If you like what you see, you could soon be up and running – and saving money immediately.

It’s the future today: the Internet of Security Things

Simply Easier. 

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