Frequently asked questions:

How Quickly Can I Get Your Solution Implemented?

Our solution is cloud based and therefore there is no need to buy additional hardware or deploy server software in your environment. Data is gathered from your existing back office systems or tills and CCTV using small software agents. These can be easily deployed using normal software deployment tools. All futher configuration and setting is done via a web based user interface. To deploy to supported tills and CCTV infrastructure is a matter of minutes.

How Do I Know My Data is Secure?

We operate on the highest ethical standards with regards to data security. All data is encrypted using the same approach and technology as online banking. Also, all data is held within the European Community and adheres to all relevant legislation.

Why do I need a Loss Prevention System as I don't have a problem?

How do you know what you don’t know? Industry reports from all the top retailers consistently report significant losses due to staff theft. If left unchecked, you will have uncontrolled losses. Consider a trial deployment to understand your staff behaviour and losses to theft.

But I already have a Loss Prevention System?

Consider upgrading to the latest cloud based solution for loss prevention. Not only will you get a superior experience but due to the cloud deployment model you avoid additional costs using old style appoaches of in-house servers and software.

Isn't Loss Prevention complex and only for the big retailers?

Not at all. Staff theft is independent of the size of the retailer. Existing loss preventions solutions are either in-house developed systems or only for the largest retailer with dedicated loss prevention managers. SilverStar Analytics has been built from the ground up to remove complexity from deployment and operation thus allowing retailers with limited or no loss prevention managers to address their staff fraud issues.

Is it expensive?

No. We use a usage based billing model, where you only pay for actual usage. We bill on a monthly basis with no extended contract or commitment. Pay for what you use with no commitment. Please look at our pricing page.

How much customisation is required?

None. Our solution includes many pre-packaged policies and reports covering all common types of till manipulation fraud. These will address the vast majority of staff fraud within your organization. If you have any special requirements, please contact us.

Can you integrate with CCTV?

Yes. We can integrate with most digital CCTV systems or IP cameras.

What Type Of POS Systems Can You Work With?

Our solution has been built to be vendor agnostic. We can integrate with any POS system on the market. For instance, we integrate with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, NCR, Fujitsu and Retalix systems as just a few examples.